Tuesday, August 21, 2018

College in Colours

On a regular college day, one can easily spot a group of girls grooving to the energizing beats of bhangra dhol, and somewhere a gang of budding actors practising their latest sketch. Just then one would hear the impressive commands of the head NCC Cadet to the rest of the cadets who respond by marching in unision, their feet symmetrically beating the ground. Inside the canteen, which is always buzzing with activity, one may witness a group of girls dancing and singing, apparently with no reason, while most of the others are giggling spectators, nibbling on their bread pakoras or slurping in noodles.  The library is in the basement. One could always lay bets on spotting a dozen book lovers, some hovering around the compartments and some others with their noses buried deep in books. The sports complex of the college is also used by sports girls to practice during the early hours of college.

There is liveliness all around, at all times. But we have a contrasting sight as well. Just as one enters the main building, the very first place that comes into sight is the Gurudwara Sahib. The air around the Sikh shrine is utterly calm. 

The rooms surrounding the Gurudwara Sahib are the labs, music room and administrative office. Though it's not mandatory to enter the Gurudwara, it remains open to all: students, teachers and staff members. Every student is sure to walk across that part of the building owing to lab practicals and visits to administrative offices. Observation tells you that many students who happen to walk across the Gurudwara Sahib, pause for a second to take a bow once and walk on. Occasionally one can hear beautiful melodious religious hymns being sung inside. Upon entering the Gurudwara after taking off shoes and with a covered head, to sit inside, cross legged, with eyes softly shut for a moment could be enough to slow down the train of thoughts and calm one down. Especially worth mentioning is that volunteers sing the prayers and play traditional instruments like harmonium and tabla. The prayer session is open to attend for anyone who wishes. Many teachers, students and staff members (and the principal*) join in the prayers with Sangat (a religious congregation), which traditionally ends with langar and is everyone's favorite part!

As is expected most of the functions in the college often involve the Gurdwara Sahib. Whenever the college makes a remarkable accomplishment, the Gurdwara is the first place everyone goes to. An Akhand Paath (uninterrupted reading of the holy Guru Granth Sahib), is arranged which lasts for two complete days and ends with Ardaas (a formal prayer for well being) and is concluded by taking a mandatory command from the Guru Granth Sahib. It is after the Akhand Paaththst celebrations of any other kind can start.

Moreover, the college frequently arranges sessions with experts who talk about the religious texts. As under the command of DSGMC, the college conducts many successful efforts directed for the promotion of the minority, Sikh religion. Anyone is welcomed to attend the session, to be inspired or just to add a new fact to their bags.

Providing spiritual knowledge and worldly knowledge, the college tries to mould an independent batch of young girls with a thoughtful bent of mind, along with adeptness in humanities and expertise in the sciences.

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College in Colours On a regular college day, one can easily spot a group of girls grooving to the energizing beats of bhangra dh...